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We receive many questions regarding all areas of funeral service and cremation on a regular basis. Some people are not comfortable asking these questions personally. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions here for you. If you have additional questions or would like to visit with us, please contact us. »

What is cremation?

If I select cremation, can I
still have a funeral service?

Is cremation less expensive?

If I choose to be cremated, can I by-pass the use of a funeral home and/or funeral director?

How long do I have to wait
for the cremated remains?

What is simple or immediate cremation?

What is "Wisconsin Cremation Services?"

How does this differ from "societies" or "memorial" groups?

Why have a funeral?

Why do funerals cost so much?

If a death happens in Minnesota, do I need to contact a Minnesota funeral home?

While you're here, this is your place. Utilize our funeral home in a way that will create lasting memories and
best reflect the life of your loved one.

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